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Must Know Tips For Pugs When It Comes To Exercise

The pug, many times they sold us the idea that it is a dog that sleeps a lot and does not exercise, they told us that it is suitable for small places since it does not require much activity, although this is true “up to a point” a reality is that like every living being our pug needs physical activity.

As we all know pug dogs are brachycephals, therefore they are narrow airways, strenuous exercise is not recommended for dogs of this breed, but a reality is that as many of us very surely already realized despite being brachycephalic, the pug is a very active dog since puppy, so how much exercise should a pug do?

It is good to start little by little with the exercise for our pug, from very puppy we must get to know him. If we look closely we can interpret its signals, if you feel like going for a walk, if you are tired or instead overflowing energy and need to go out to burn it … Over time we will adapt the exercise sessions to the dog, so that it has an adequate dose.

Ideally, in the end the dog ends up fatigued but happy, not exhausted that it can not move.When we take our pug for a walk or run we must remember not to do it at times where the heat is strong, it is best to take them out very early by In the morning or in the afternoon when the sun has already set, this way you will be more sure that your pug does not suffocate and avoid the risk of heat stroke, we have to remember that when the sun hits fully between the closer The temperature is higher, when you take your pug for a walk, touch the ground with your hand, if you can stand leaving your hand on the floor, it is indicative that the temperature is good for you to walk, but if on the contrary the ground burns your The same thing you will do with the bearings of the legs of your pug.

Remember, it is very important to hydrate your dog while he is exercising. Always always carry a towel that you can moisten to put it on when you are more tired. It is vital for our pug, but it must be in moderation and always watching your well-being, if we do it correctly it will be a great experience for our flat and enjoy those walks with us.

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