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The Importance of Grooming Your Pug Regularly and Consistently

Brushing your Pug’s coat often keeps your health and appearance in optimal condition. In addition, it is an activity that can promote the bond between you and your pet, because, in this way, it gets your full attention;) In addition, it is a good opportunity to verify that the hair and skin of your Pug do not have any type of alteration, like sores. , parasites, or masses.

Brushing often removes and extracts dirt and hair; distributes the natural oils of the fur and helps avoid tangles in long hair. The frequency and time of brushing depends on each dog. For example, If you brush your Pug daily, you will surely increase the chances of reducing the amount of hair that comes off and gets stuck to furniture and carpets.

Long-haired dogs should brush several times a week, unlike short-haired dogs, which only need to brush a week. Remember, it is better to brush the dog every two or three days, instead of letting knots form in your hair. It is also advisable to brush them more frequently in the spring and fall because that is when your hair changes.

The importance of grooming your pug regularly and consistently

We force our Pug to remain still and enjoy this moment. If we start doing it from an early age and we do it with care and understanding, it will be very easy in the future because they will get used to being brushed, without resisting.

It is advisable to use a natural bristle brush to remove dead hair. Use a long bristle brush if your dog has long hair and a short hairbrush in the case of short hairs. Another option for medium or long-haired dogs is a curved wire brush. For short-haired breeds, there is also a very effective hair glove.

The importance of grooming your pug regularly and consistently

Brush it starting with the head, moving to the tail, making sure you follow the direction of the hair. If your dog has another layer of inner hair, such an undercoat, you will probably have to lift the hair up a little. Brush starting from the bottom of the coat towards the outside, removing dead hair and knots. Be as careful and quick as possible, congratulate your dog for being good and reward him.

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